«The Town of Hope»

A 15-minute long children educative TV program, that was transmitted on the First National Channel in 2005-2007, and in a couple of regional channels. The main aim of the program was to encourage the spiritual, moral and social upbringing of the children, that would be based on the Christian Values, and also on broadening the world-view of the child with interesting and useful knowledge.

  • The “Kind Street”: demonstrates a problematic situation from the life of the children, that is solved by the children with the help of Bony and the Angel;
  • “Jokes”: a screen version of funny situations;
  • “A small master laboratory”: teaches the kids to make interesting toys, jewelry and other nice things with their own hands;
  • “A meeting with the Angel”: presents many interesting fairy-tale stories adapted to cartoons.

The TV program “The Town of Hope” took part in the Ukrainian TV program competition for the regional TV-radio organization “Ukraine United” in Odessa and received a certificate for the “journalistic work” in the nomination “The world of Childhood”

In 2005 the program “The Town of Hope” was presented in the First Catholic Festival of the Christian Films and TV programs in Belarus, received a certificate for “being faithful to the Christian values and upbringing the children with the means of the audio-visual culture”.