«Ichthys. Antivirus for children»

«Ichthys. Antivirus for children» is an educationally-entertaining serial for children. The main character of the program is Ichthys, the fish. Ichthys invites 4 siblings to the inside of the computer to teach the children to distinguish the good behavior from the bad behavior thorough games and different adventures. Celluline, a somewhat naive and still very lively mobile phone helps to resolve the tense situations with her jokes.

The other negative characters of the program are the Hacker and his friend the Worm. They are really hostile to the world of Ichthys and constantly try to destroy it.

The characters of the program, travelling the net together with Ichthys meet a lot of his interesting friends, and also draw some interesting information from the web-pages.

The children also learn, that they are allowed to travel the net in Ichthys presence only since the world of internet has many dangerous traps and unpleasant people. In each episode, a new problem or a new conflict arises between the children, around which the events circulate. Still, thanks to the friends and the good examples and to stories of Ichthys, the children find a common solution and return in peace.

The program is realized in the 3D space animation technique. Only the caption and some stories are the live video with the participation of the actors.

«Ichthys. Antivirus for children» is an intertaining adventure with a message, that helps to form the positive examples of behavior and the moral principles with the children. Besides, it’s a fun and unique adventure with Ihtis the fish.