«Antivirus for Children»

The TV program for children, that has been transmitted in 2008-2010 on the First Ukrainian National Channel. The program has been produced on the basis of the modern informational, animation and montage technologies. For the execution of the program both 3D animation technique and the live video have been combined.

The place of action is a studio, that looks as a system unit. The four siblings-two brothers and two sisters get there on the invitation of their virtual friend- Ichthys the fish( a 3D Character). Together with the children, there is a mobile phone, called Celluline ( again a 3D character), who also gets to the computer. The computer friend invites the children on this journey through the internet. During their travel, the kids get to different web pages, where they have a chance to find out a lot of interesting and useful things. The friends of Ichthys become the kids’ friends as well, as the crazy professor, the firemen, the inventors, the travellers and many others. The adventurous plot is intensified by the meeting with the hostile Hacker, that tries to do harm to the group of friends. Each episode is followed by the video of the children music band “The Noah’s Ark”.

The program provides the psychological comfort, could be considered as a part of the “good television” and of the “good internet”. With this purpose the web-page www.ixtys-antivirus.com. was created