«The Noah’s Ark»

The Noah’s Ark is a project, that is being realized in many countries of the world. The exclusive copyright law for using and spreading the project in Ukraine belongs to CLARA STUDIO.

The Noah’s Ark-is a children music band, that was found in the polish town of Poznan in 1999 and was called “Arka Noego”. The performers are the children, and the idea of making such a music band belongs to their parents-professional musicians, who have been playing hard-rock, heavy-metal, jazz, reggae and folk before. Now the parents take care of the musical arrangement and for the selection of the songs for the band, whose works are known to many countries of the world nowadays.

The first album in Ukrainian was recorded in CLARA STUDIO in 2005.The CD was released in 2 editions with 2000 disks each. In the same year the performers of the “Noah’s Ark” from Ukraine had a concert with their coevals from the Polish “Arka Noego”

Videos have been made to the songs of the “Noah’s Ark”, and later presented in the TV programs “The town of hope” and “Antivirus for Children”.

In the last three years, the “Noah’s Ark have given more than 20 concerts in different cities of Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kamianez-Podilski, Vinnytsia, Letychiv, Juzhne,and a concert on the border with Poland)